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Castles, knights, courage, sad love…

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Fashion, art, delicacy, antiques

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Vineyards, horses, nature, Danube
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Veliki Tabor, Lonjsko polje, Eufrazijana




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Vrazji prolaz, Kopacki rit, Bjeloglavi sup
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Croatia is very small country but it has too many things to see... we can start from tracking over cobbled Velebit, canoeing on calm Mrežnica or rafting on Kupa... we can walk on islands and collect aromatic herbs, or ride inshore Sava... and to not count as far as the eye can see, Croatia has it all! Mountains, sea, forests, rivers, lakes, plain, islands, flora, fauna like no other country in Europe. Try to think just this: you got up in the morning and went to snowboard, enjoyed in the snow, made a lunch break, then drew car just for half hour and set on wakeboard, and then whole afternoon enjoyed in the sea... and all that just in on day!!!

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Walking with nature
Yet in ancient time many travel writers described Croatia as little heaven on the Earth. On this journey we want to show you that is still like that. Walking from one to another national park we will get acquainted with all luxury and natural resources on so small territory. We will go from islands, across the mountains to beautiful lakes in the middle of karst… to great panonian rivers, through wooden hills, river canyons and streams… to return on the sea and look around Kvarner from the top of Učka. We will leave all stress and fatigue of everyday life and let this pure beauty of nature to fill us with new energy.
Green hart of Croatia

This journey leads us through Gorski Kotar-Croatian green heart, place ideal for escape from fast and stressful everyday life... walk through centuries old forests and take a deep breath of this clean air. We will acquaint area full of natural beauty and not only that, we will meet diligent people who cherish tradition and live in harmony with nature . We will enjoy everything that these beautiful forests, clean rivers and lakes, fragrant meadows give us… and we shall return relaxed and full of energy!

Croatian adventure

Adventurous tourism? Croatia is enough to say! With it"s own beautiful rivers, canyons, ancient forests, clean sea, indented coast simply attract you to try yourself in climbing, rafting and sea kayaking. We will climb on forested Risnjak and through stony cliffs of Croatian islands, rowing on Kupa and on sea, drive with quads, go into caves... clean mountain and sea air will fill us with new energy and prepare us for further...we will go beyond our limits and back... return to home or a new adventure!

Old town Dvigrad
Castle Pejačević
Lonjsko field
Fisherman net
Old town Sisak
Old coach
Cathedral in Đakovo

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